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meerkat218;58095 wrote: I’ve been doing Nystatin retention enema in conjuction with a couple of rounds of water enema for 2 weeks, and it’s been working very well. Will update more details and progress later. I am truly grateful to those who have shared their knowledge on that subject!

– I’ve been wondering why foods that contain mold and yeast are known to aggravate candida infection. Candida don’t feed on other species of fungi, do they? (Sorry if this question was asked before!)

– Can coconut vinegar replace ACV? I am so tired of bland salad, but I don’t like the taste of ACV 🙁

– At the risk of sounding silly, how do candida end up in a vagina or on skin surface? My symtopms are vaginal infection and ezcema-like irritation on the back. I heard it has something to do with leaky gut syndrome, but I haven’t really experienced much discomfort in the abdomen area. And in reverse, how does cured intestines lead to improvements in other symtomps?

– I read in one of dvjorge’s posts that taking nystatin with oregano oil has synergy effect. Wonder what has similar effects and what shouldn’t be taken with nystatin.

Thanks a lot

There are a lot of antifungal substances that offers synergistic effects mixed with Rx antifungal drugs. The list is long. Carvacrol, present in Oil of Oregano, has shown synergy when combined with Nystatin and other polyenes. However, this combination may be taken orally. I don’t advice adding Oil of Oregano to enemas.
Curcumin, mixed with the azoles and polyenes, is synergistic. The mix cause apoptosis of the fungal cells. Moreover, Curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory and protect the liver. Apoptosis means the effect changes from fungistatic to fungicidal.

Candida don’t end up in the vagina or on skin. It is probably there very short after you are born. Candida spores are in the environment and colonize human mucosal areas such as intestines, vagina, tongue, etc. It is an immune system and bacterial flora task to impede those sporadic candida cells to growth and infect our tissues. Under normal conditions, those “commensal” candida cells can not overgrowth and infect your vagina. However, as a result of an acquired immune problem or disruption of the antagonistic bacterial flora, those candida cells find their opportunity of infecting and growth. They simply become pathogenic. Most of the time, the gut is the silent reservoir because enough amount of yeast cells in the intestines depress the immune system. An immune depression caused by the same candida or another offender such as mercury, allow candida cells begin to multiply where they lived only as sporadic cells. The main goal of the treatment is to eradicate the yeast focus in the colon. This focus may be the cause of your vaginal overgrowth. Eliminating the yeast inside the colon, the immune system should recover its normal activity. This is thinking yeast are the cause of the immune suppression. In case you have another cause, or more than one, you must correct it to get permanent results.