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I have been feeling crappy for five years now. I just started the strict diet last week. Although my nutitionist has had me on probiotics and a lot of vitamins for quite a while now. I actually tried Candida Clear last October and got a severe headache from it so I stopped it. I was not on a strict candida diet before starting but I was staying away from bread and sugar.

I have had my hormones checked as wellas my thyroid. The docs tried me on replacement hormones for both in which I reacted terribly.

My nutionist and my sis, who is also a nutionist both have urged my to trat candida but I was hesitant due to the SEVERE headache the anti fungals gave me. I did not nkow much about molybdenum.

I had a IgG test done a few months back and it shows I am intolerant to eggs, casein, wheat, malt, barley, and pork. So eating eggs and greek yougurt as a protein source will not work. I actually tried eggs back this week every morning for three days and I got more depressed within 1 hour of eating them.

So. in a nutshell, that is where I am right now.