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orka1998 wrote: OK, I was doing well for a while, but these past couple of days I am constantly cold, my whole hands turn blue and they are freezing most of the time. Even my kids push me away when I am dressing them. And it kind of goes in circles, it’s there most of the day but it does come and go. I don’t have much of die-off for almost two weeks (I am taking molybdenum) besides of occasional crampiness in my legs, tight neck, some light-headiness, slight muscle weakness and little brain fog (which is so much lighter than even before the treatment).

So I googled a bit about it. One possibility is Reinhard’s (hope this is how you spell it), and it does kind of look like it, my hands turn white (very pale) then blue and often they are red or purple around knuckles. Now, I read about causes for it and one stuck out at me which is body’s response at regulating temperature in response to a low body temp. So I measured my temp and it’s 36.1 degree Celsius = 96.98 degree Fahrenheit. I did think I might have a fever few times as I had chills, and my temp turns out actually low not high (it could be in 35 degree Celsius range).

I had thyroid checked several times from October to December (while doctors were looking for the cause for my symptoms) and the hormone levels were fine (within the specified range). The last check was before I started the diet. I do have all the symptoms besides the weight gain (I never had much problem with weight gain, had extra pounds after having kids but never rally tried to loose them, or cared about them). In my last bread I did put in third of millet flour (third of oat bran and third of buckwheat), and I think I remember reading a warning here on the forum about millet slowing down the thyroid so maybe I do have it or millet just pushed it on now?

Now, my question is, could this diet somehow affect my thyroid? I am a risk factor but for the increased production, not low. Should I check it again? I read somewhere (and now can’t find it) that hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s?) often goes undiagnosed so I’m not even sure I should go to the doctor with this, and what should I say. I am pretty sure that I am marked as a hypochondriac already because I have so many symptoms and keep finding new ones (sigh!) so I am weary of going there again.

Anyone has any experience they can offer? Knowledge? Good reading? Advice?

Thanks in advance!


The autoimmune hypothyroidism you have is probably caused by the fungal overgrowth. Candida paralyzes the “suppressor” cells that are responsible for regulating the immune system to avoid a self attack. It is well known by medicine that mannan release by candida albicans affect our immune response. There are many candida sufferers that one time they eliminated the infection, the autoimmune diseases also went away. I guess when you cure your candidiasis, your thyroid normalizes.