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“When the sugar is distributed and used by the cells of the body, the yeast quickly dies off as it is supposed to.” I mean com on! This makes it sound like we all should just pick up eating a lot of sugar to kill of candida!!!

If the story about fat being to blame for most of the today’s diseases, our ancestors who ate tons of meat, raw milk, butter etc would be much sicker than we are, but this is not true. The more we follow 20th century guidelines about healthy diets, the sicker we are! Dr. Price (look him up) who went on the search for healthiest people on earth, found that people eating lots of meat, organ meat, sea fish/shells, vegetables, and no grains were healthiest of today, with no degenerative diseases and with healthy teeth, gums…

Well said, Okra.
It seems to me that any one of my “Raw Food” friends could have written this article. People just don’t want to believe that there are times when fruit can not be good for you. We have it engrained in our brains that fruit is healthy.
I agree, fat is good, it gives you sustained energy, not to mention all the health benefits from good fats like coconut oil, and fish oils.

Sugar & wheat are a cheap filler food that makes everyone sick. Poor people are effected more then middle class, as sometimes they only have access to poor quality food.

five years ago I thought my first Naturopath was crazy on my first visit with her she told me that fruit is not healthy for most people and that no one should eat processed sugar, or wheat. I never went back to her again.

However I’m seeing more and more about sugar being bad in the mainstream media which is a good thing. 60 minutes is a very popular respected TV show in The States. You might find Dr. Robert Lustig to be informative.