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Hmmm… interesting. Well i don’t have reactive hypoglycemia. My blood sugar drops when i eat food without sugar, and I can keep it stable when eating foods high in fast releasing sugars.

There are many more qualified to speak on these subjects but, from my limited understanding, you might be dealing with an endocrine system issue. It’s a very complicated system which regulates so many body systems. I think that’s the crux of my issues which allowed candida to flourish. I say this because eating something should raise blood sugar. Cinnamon is well known to help regulate blood sugar. Remember, the body runs on blood glucose and everything you eat turns into glucose at some point: even red meat. The brain can’t function without blood glucose.

Have you looked into hypothyroid or adrenal fatigue, both of which are critical components of the endocrine system? Believe it or not, read articles tonight (ray pete) speaking about how serotonin creates hormones which effect the endocrine hormones. Low body temps are a sign of some malfunction going on with this feedback loop.

I’m not quite sure how the acupuncture would have helped your health problems, since scientific research has disclaimed it of curing any actual health problems, other than being relaxing and of course the placebo effect.

Disagree. There is a lot to be said about Chinese medicine: they speak in simpler terms but, deal with the basics. Years ago when trying acupuncture, they took one look at my pulse and simply said, “you are out of balance.” It only took 7 more years to realize how correct they were: my system is out of balance otherwise candida wouldn’t have had the opportunity to gain traction. I thought much like you at the time and didn’t stick with it long enough for it to have much over all healing effects.

Much western medicine sadly is about greed: quick money. They want people to believe only their medicines can cure so they can sell more product. There’s just too much money at stake with the most profitable industry ever to give much heed to candida since most of their biggest profit makers actually cause candida: the pill, antibiotics, steroids, etc…..they don’t want to sacrifice sales/profits while admitting liability. Big pharma controls the FDA and most medical training.

It’s only a matter of time before the lid gets blown off and there’s little big pharma can do about stopping the word spreading about candida. There’s just too many people suffering to keep it quiet much longer.

Also, the more i research into candida overgrowth, it seems to not be an actual diagnosis, other than systemic candida overgrowth which is a life threatening condition and i’d be in the hospital if i had that.

Candida and candida issues were here since the beginning of time. Babies have suffered from oral thrush forever. So, it is an actual diagnosis, tests which prove it and new drugs being developed to treat it which Big pharma wouldn’t invest in without a certain market (remember: greed/money = big pharma = medical training).

I personally was hospitalized due to candida, only the hospital and surgical staff didn’t recognize what was really going on at the time. I have xrays and diagnostics which show I was critically ill but, they fell short of doing the proper tests at the time before treating me. Jordan Rubin of Garden of Life products and the best selling The Maker’s Diet book fame was diagnosed with severe candidasis among a whole laundry list of other digestive illnesses and not only survived but, thrived. His story is all over the net.

However, I come to embrace candida as an opportunistic organism and not a stand alone illness. Typically, there is some other issue/imbalance/dis-ease which allows candida to do it’s natural job: clean up the mess. Figuring out what the real cause is the enigma and harder than imagined. There are far more qualified people here than me to help guide you. Many are very well versed on extremely complicated subjects and might open doors of thought which you may not even realize are part of your suffering.

Perhaps if you shared more about your issues people here could be of more assistance. There’s probably far more going on than just blood sugar regulation issues, whether you recognize them presently or not. Took me almost a year to start seeing many things with clarity and even now, there’s still much fog to be lifted upon my case.

Sadly i do not think my health problems will be as easily fixed as i was hoping when i first laid my eyes on this so called candida overgrowth diagnosis.

I’m sorry as I have been there…am still there seeking how to deal with my genuine health maladies. I got very excited after suffering for 8 years with a known mysterious digestive disorder, though I was sick for at least a decade prior if not all the way back to childhood. A year ago when candida came to light I thought it was going to be a year of treatment to get well. I’m worse off from treatment, mainly from lack of direction from the medical community. They just don’t understand what this forum is set up to help teach: it’s a very complicated illness and not an easy/cheap fix to treat. If you print out all the forum protocol pages it’s about 1/2 inch thick of paper: that’s amazingly large to digest. Suggest printing it out and really forming an action plan: don’t end up like me. There’s so much behind the protocol, unspoken concepts you can learn on your own which will only back up the forum’s protocol. Not saying take it for granted: please do your research. Only saying the more I learn the more the full protocol makes detailed sense. Also, some forum members are breaking ground on pioneering amazingly effect approaches to treatment beyond forum protocol. This may actually go a long way towards helping you achieve faster results than you think presently.

The main thing is not to give up….keep reading/learning/planning and keep hope. There is a solution which may take time but, there is one for your situation. If it is indeed candida related.

Wish you nothing but, blessings of healing grace.