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Quote: So am I to assume that I got this from antibiotics and now have this for life?

Reply: Antibiotics plus the average American diet filled with sugar and carbs. Whether or not you have it for life is up to you. Some people do.

Quote: It won’t just clear up and go away?

Reply: Not by itself it won’t.

Quote: How do I know how bad I have this? Is there stages?

Reply: What are your symptoms and how long have you had them? Stages of a Candida infestation are mild, bad, and very bad.

Quote: I’m sad and so stressed out is they’re a test to see what stage I’m in or level?

Reply: A naturopathic doctor may be able to test you to see if you have it. If you tell us your symptoms and any illnesses before the infestation, we can probably figure the extent of the infestation.

Let us know if you decide to stop the growth of the Candida by starting the treatment.