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That really depends.

Hydrogen peroxide is like a disinfectant. But compared to an ordinary disinfectant, it has one advantage, and one disadvantage.

After having done its disinfecting work, no harmful traces remain.
Other disinfectants remain poisonous, hydrogen peroxide just disappears.

It is a kill-everything agent.
Other disinfectants specifically kill funghi or certain bacteria while leaving other living cells, including those of the human body, relatively unaffected. Hydrogen peroxide attacks everything, including the body’s own cells.

So, personally, I would prefer an antifungal that specifically attacks the fungus cells, while leaving good bacteria and my own body intact.

Of course, if you don’t mind the damage that is done to other micro-organisms and to yourself, you may swallow hydrogen peroxide. You’d have to ignore the fact that there is no medical evidence that concentrations that are low enough to do only limited damage to the body would affect the funghi at all – but that’s up to you.

I guess the use of hydrogen peroxide is more like a belief system anyway.