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Pauçp Jose wrote: Hunger feelings. How last this kind of feelings? 1 week? 2 week? 3 weeks? Caus I´m on day 5 of the diet but I feel depress and starving.

Its not so easy mate. Every person is different and I dont know either if you are cheating with food or not.
When I was water fasting. I didnt want to eat for a week to clean my body and mind, my hunger was gone after 3 days. I started the fast with a colonic and cleaned out the toxins in my body. I didn’t have headaches nothing. But I cant say to you after 3 days its gone. Because you are still eating.

Now when I was on the diet. My body changed to needing much less food and not being hungry after some weeks. I lost 30 kg and I am not hungry any-more. But it happens when i eat something I like and was not having for a while that I get a real “hunger” for the thing. This is not hunger but a kind of lust feeling. I want more and more. In my case Yoghurt. I am light allergic to it and I have very long periods where I don’t eat milk products. But now and then I test it and boy what I am eating it even I should only eat little. Thats not hunger but lust. After 3 weeks your body should have switched over to a normal state where you are not lusting after sugar any more.

Its like with any other kind of addiction, its a mind thing. You believe you need it but its a lie from you mind. All habits are broken or established around 3 to 4 weeks.

hope that helps