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Yeah, I wasn’t saying that I would do all that. I just thought it was interesting to read. It went back to my question on advice? that no one answered.

1. Polyunsaturated fats? As with Cheesy, interesting? I know raster recommends cod liver oil. I have been looking into that lately for natural sources of vitamin a & d. Lately, I have been getting vitamin d from sweating out toxins through tanning and getting vitamin d. Makes me feel so much better!

2. Biofilms? I was just curious about this and the enzyme interfase I think.

3. Lactoferrin? I have been experimenting with this as it is recommended for iron deficiency over iron supplements. I hate milk and by products (casein and whey). I have been trying some goat milk colostrum off and on, not enough to judge yet because I notice I can handle goat milk yogurt every once in awhile out of all the milk products. It is like a catch 22 on this, need iron, but can’t handle the lactoferrin. I have asked this a billion times to death probably. Sorry folks. It is just so frustrating!

4. B-vitamins? I know probiotics produce b vitamins, but I need the b12 as well. why do so many b-vitamins have huge amounts. Plus, I think the extra pathenine recommended gives me gas and some diarrhea. I notice co-enzyme forms seem to be a little better.

Jorge, input? I did catch some old posts that you posted about some of these topics early on. I just have more reading to do. I just want a good book to read about candida just to learn about the disease. I love to read!!