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Hello CJB,

Good to hear you are feeling a ton better after starting the diet. The thing is, even though you feel good now, is that you will feel way more better in the coming weeks and months. How good do you want to feel is the question you should ask yourself and it takes a very long time to get where you want to be at from my experience. My personal goal is to feel like I did years ago and I am getting close to surpassing my goal.

Antifungals alone won’t cure your infestation, the single most important thing you need to get better is probiotics which replaces the gut flora lost to this infection. The more probiotics you have in the gut, the more mercenaries you have to fight the enemy which is candida.

You definitely need to protect the liver and kidneys as well as possible from die off so that they do not become damaged. A damaged liver can take a long time to heal from my experience and there is a wide variety of additional symptoms that may develop if you do not heal it or protect it.

Bucephalus: to answer your question, I’ve been on the diet for over a year. I am eating fruit regularly and when I cheat I barely get a reaction. The things I am most allergic to are GMO foods, processed foods, sugar, and wheat. The thing that is different for me is I am a smoker and damaged my lungs which harbors mucous which protects candida. I am going to need to quit smoking to become fully healed and I am planning on doing that before the end of the year. I have a blog post on the forum if you are interested, the search doesn’t work very well right now.