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Rasher & David, Here are the answers to your questions and some detail about my story at the bottom.

Any other symptoms: I had two small dry flaky patchs on two fingers which have completely healed.

How long on diet: Wow, I feel so wimpy to say it’s been just 12 days.

Feeling better: YES, after the major die-off experience and some continued sweats/chills/fatigue I feel amazingly better. All of the large white lesions in my mouth have healed, and other than some general inflammation and burning when brushing I know this is working.

“Fungal test” referred to: Oral swab sent to a lab by my doctor.

Mean of “just winging it”: Well having an imaginary signpost on this road to healing helps to mentally focus me, so if there was no “general” timeline I was basically just going off the diet slowly as prescribed and seeing what happens.

Likely 6-18 months for most people: Ok, there’s the sign post! Health City ahead keep driving! I’ll broaden my meal planning and listen to my body each day and see how I do in the following weeks.

Cheated? No, but I have an apple on a pedestal waiting for me. But I may have to change it to strawberries.

MY Story: I went misdiagnosed for 2 years was told I had an auto-immune disorder (should have gone for a second opinion). I finally I couldn’t take it any longer and was correctly diagnosed about 6 weeks ago and put on the Nystanin and another liquid antifungle. After 6 weeks on both and a followup visit I left the office convinced that this was not going to heal the conventional way and hit the internet and found diet and your site.

Because I plunged into this thing so quickly (and affected by the die-off in 30 hours) I hadn’t ordered the recommended herbal treatments until recently and will start asap (I can’t find everything locally).

I can’t believe that a condition like this would benefit from just a diet. The dramatic improvement so far has encouraged me to such it up and keep going.

I’m greatful for you and your website. Keep going David! CJB