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MG, I hate to butt in here since this is addressed to Raster, but if you’re taking an enzyme that will stop your body’s production of its own enzymes, then you’re just taking the wrong type. Swedish bitters (non-alcohol) will not do this; instead, they allow your body to continue to produce its own enzymes in the amounts and types that are specifically needed at a particular meal. Should you decide to purchase these, the dosage on the bottle is not necessary because of how they’re used by the body.

Since the principle of bitters is to stimulate the bitter receptors on the back of the tongue, you only need to taste the bitterness of the herbs in order for them to perform; therefore 1/2 a dropper full or 1/2 of a teaspoon dropped onto the tongue after a meal, not a snack but a good meal, will be enough to do the job, regardless of what the label may say. If you decide to purchase these, no matter what you read from here on out, you will not need to purchase artificial enzymes as long as you use the bitters. Your body will not become dependent on them as the body does not stop producing its own enzymes. Remember that you’ll need to drink plenty of water during the day while using these bitters, as they will also flush the toxins from your liver.

Amazon and the Vitamin Shoppe both carry the Swedish bitters online.