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1. Reserve Some Time For Yourself

We all juggle multiple responsibilities including work, relationships, home life, money issues, and care giving. Make sure you schedule some time each week to be by yourself for some quality downtime to refocus yourself and provide some much needed mental detox. Or schedule time each week to do an individual activity that you really enjoy such as biking, hiking, or playing golf.

2. Exercise

I know, I know… you hear this every day. But you’re too busy or just too tired at the end of the day to exercise right? If this is your viewpoint you’re over-thinking it. Virtually any form of exercise and physical activity can act as a stress reliever. That includes walking a few blocks to the store or walking the golf course instead of riding in a cart. Gardening or cleaning out the garage works too. You don’t have to run 10 miles a day to relieve stress. Physical activity, no matter how minor, will release your internal feel-good endorphins and erase away the stress that accumulates in all of us.

3. Laugh More

Laughter is good medicine. Studies show that laughter has many positive physiological effects that sweep throughout our entire body. Watch a funny television show instead of another dramatic movie. Go to a comedy club with your significant other on a weekend night. And please do yourself a favor and stop reading the daily news. 99.9999% of it is negative garbage that does not affect your life and is completely out of your realm of control.

4. Try Meditation

If you’ve never given meditation a try before please do. You’ll be surprised how easy it is, how little time it takes, and how good it makes you feel. If you learn how to release your daily stress through meditation your life will improve dramatically. Regular meditation instills a sense of peace, calm, tranquility, and balance in your life that will boost your emotional well-being and your self-esteem.

5. Sleep

Nothing creates insomnia quite like stress and anxiety do. If you’re like me you’ve never been able to find the on/off switch to your brain. You lie in bed a let your stream of consciousness flow unchecked. This makes it hard to unwind and sleep soundly. Sleep is supposed to be the time for your body and brain to recharge. If you meditate before you sleep you can empty your thoughts and your worries so you wont have to stay up all night replaying them. Try to read a book instead of watching tv before you sleep. Studies show that tv overstimulates the brain and it makes it more difficult to fall to sleep.

6. Socialize

When you’re stressed out you may feel like you just need some time alone. Instead, meet up with some friends or family and make social connections. Social contact is excellent for stress relief because it distracts your from the thoughts and issues that are worrying you. And the people you’re socializing with will reap the same benefits.

7. Keep A Journal

Writing out thoughts and feelings can be a good release for otherwise bottled-up emotions. Just grab a pen and a journal and start writing. Scribble your thoughts as they flow from your brain to your conscience. Write whatever comes to mind. Do not share it with anyone. This is a dumping ground for you to empty the stress from your head. It feels good just to write it out and release it from your thoughts.