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mrs.candida;43763 wrote: That’s so funny that you mention Mindfulness Cheesy. It sounds like the exact type of meditation I’ve been practicing.

I’m not exactly sure how to explain this, but when I meditate now I get a swelling in the back of my throat, not sure if it’s a release or an energy blockage. The only other times I get the swelling are when I get acupuncture and right before I start to cry about something sad. I’ve found it very interesting, so I wanted to mention it in case someone has had a similar experience.

I’m sorry to hear your not feeling well either Cheesy. Sounds like we are on a similar path. 🙁

What exactly is it that you do in sitting meditation?

It could be an energy blockage. It could also be stress, or your posture, or whatever. The best thing to do is just to notice it and return to the breath (or whatever it is you do in your meditation). I often find that I get a pressure in the centre of my forehead as I am meditating and it is amplified when I am stressed or particularly unwell.