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Javizy wrote: I’d expect at least a teaspoon of sugar on the fish along with the soy sauce and table salt. Every Japanese recipe I’ve seen uses white sugar for some reason. Maybe you could tell the waiter you’re diabetic and to hold the sugar. I wonder if anywhere serves juuwari-soba… Chinese restaurants will be even worse, but I wonder if Korean would be okay. Obviously requires tolerance to chilli, but there are side-dishes like kimchi and other fermented veg and crab or tofu soups as main. Maybe a moderate amount of yakiniku if meat doesn’t trouble you? I’ve never seen any Korean recipes, so I’m not sure what they’re based on, but the dishes I’ve tried didn’t seem at all sweet or suspicious in that regard. Otherwise, a good Indian place should have something (again chilli will be added) you can eat. A chickpea masala or some sort of dhal, for example. You’d want to test things like tofu, lentils, tomato etc in advance though.

The sugar factor is something I’m worried about. The Japanese prefer their food sweet, not spicy, so they add sugar to everything. Sweet kimchi, sweet curry, sweet meats… I had forgotten about sugar with fish, but now that I think about it, yeah, they do that too. I’d go with yakiniku since it’s basically a do-it-yourself meal where skipping the sauces and other extra ingredients would be fairly easy. Only thing is, I’ve been trying to stay away from beef (and what else do I eat with it if rice is out, and most available veggies are in pickle form?) Unfortunately I think almost all the Korean/Indian/etc. restaurants in Japan are geared toward the Japanese and add sugar to everything, but I suppose speaking to the staff is worth a shot. Chickpeas/lentils are a good suggestion, though.