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Hi Faith,

I know it’s tough, but keep trying. If you must cheat, then do so, but then also have a plan to cheat every 9th day, then 11th day and so on until you do not need to cheat any longer. Cheating during the diet is quite counter productive. You feed the remaining yeast and when you do antifungals you are killing more yeast so you will have tougher die-off. I had awful die-off episodes which were enough to keep me away from cheating. I did sometimes have a small serving of brown rice and quinoa or millet or amaranth at the beginning of my treatment when I was still trying to figure it all out so I agree that this takes some time getting used to. I too was offered food all the time and for me fruit is bigger bait than chocolate (we all have our weaknesses) and I remember having few strawberries at work because they kept showing them in my face. I ended up sick for 3-4 days, very sick! So that was my last lesson. I was cheat free from that point forward. I preferred controlled way of introducing food when I felt I was ready.

What I really wanted to say to you was that from the point that I stopped cheating or eating foods that are either borderline or no-no for this diet was when I no longer had any cravings. At work they keep showing stuff in my face and I just smile and say “no thank you” and don’t even blink. You start looking at that food with different eyes, your taste also changes. Fruit is a bit hard for me still at times, this is healthy food that you must say no to just because of sugar content, but as I do eat some fruit I am OK with that and survive well. I just love melons and grapes and who knows if I will be able to eat those one day. As I am almost completely symptom free I now do eat berries, grapefruit, granny smith apples and lemons.

We all have different personalities and you know yourself best so you make your own plan, but plan that will take you somewhere. Like quitting smoking. I was able to say I don’t want it and went from 2-3 packs per day to 0 in a single day. The crisis lasted about two weeks but I toughed it out. I have some friends that took time quitting smoking, and others that are quitting every Monday for years (I finally told them not to tell me anything until they are truly smoke free for few weeks ha-ha). So if you know that it’s easier for you to quit certain foods by gradually eliminating them, go for it, but keep in mind what the consequence of that decision is. I prefer a clean cut, like taking off the band-aid, but that’s me.

Best of luck to you!