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im also Italian and come from a family who eats tons of pasta and bread !
Where do u get the bars with stevia ?

While its true that smoking weed isnt helping my cravings ,if i were to try to stop now it will worsen further my cravings to eat junk ,my anxiety ,stress ,and theres no way i could handle quitting along with battling my sugar addiction .im not sure if u read but ive been doing the diet for 3 days and then getting depressed and binging on carbs and sugar !Im well aware of my destructive behavior and im here for support .i dont have support from anyone other than u guys and its making it even harder to deal with as im offerd sugar every where i turn and noone understands other than sum very nice people here !

I can only be as strong as i am and i have Faith i can do this !Faith is my real name by the way lol anyway i dont feel i can quit smoking and do this diet as u can see im having a hard enough time giving up sugar for me the benefits of smoking weed for my anxiety ,depression and stress out weigh the risks of recovery lasting longer .When people stop smoking they eat more and they eat sweets because u crave carbs when quitting smoking so its really a no win there !