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@vegan catlady
I’m doing the diet and taking supplements. Right now I’m taking probiotics, natural antifungal supplements(ginger and garlic)digestive enzymes whenever I eat and a liver detox. My diet is pretty basic but I make the most of it. Lots of green veggies, rutabaga,avocdos, garlic, onions,eggs for breakfast(veggie omlets) chicken only 2-3 times a week and everything is mostly cooked with coconut oil or olive oil if I’m running low. I used to eat organic brown rice cakes as an occasional snack it never really gave me problems but whenever I would eat actual rice or quinoa with my meals or something as simple as oatmeal for breakfast I started noticing that my skin would start itching and would not subside for weeks and I would break out in rashes for days. It didn’t stop until I eliminated them from my diet. Just last week had to eliminate nuts as much as I didn’t want to because they would make me so bloated and itchy and I would always see it undigested in my stool so I soaked them as suggested and I was still having problems even when I taking the enzymes.