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If you’re able to work out, well at all really, but especially if you feel better from it, it def isnt an issue for you. Its basically boils down to a cfs type thing. Some people have it but its only a real issue after exertion or possibly from being in the heat. Ive dealt with post exertional crash from both cfs and adrenal fatigue. The biggest describable difference I can think of, for me, was that with an adrenal crash I felt much better from laying down/ much worse standing & walking (walking was difficult and almost weird feeling) while a cfs crash it didnt matter nearly as much if I was sitting, felt just low on energy, and very faint/lightheaded/dizzy-much more constant.

I’ll see what I can come up with.

It sucks so bad. I wrestled in high school. I couldnt imagine what one practice would do to me now. On good days now Ill do some push ups, pull ups, throw the girlfriend on my back & do some easy squats, easy stuff at home. I miss pushing myself so much. And that awesome loose relaxed calm feeling after.