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Thank god the seizures have decreased so much they are the most horrible thing ever, I was actully exposed to a bad mold infestation in my old house for a year 2x years ago I believe this probably started all this damage 🙁

I’m glad you are away from the mold cause as you and I know, it’s debilitating stuff. Doctors for the most part do not want to acknowledge it because they weren’t trained in med school on how to deal with it.

I took a quick look at that enshake stuff you drink and it looks to be very high in carbs which 10 percent of the carbs they say is sugars. Well carbs usually naturally turn into sugar anyways when the body digests it which feed the candida. It’s why cutting out sugar and a low carb diet is key for the candida diet to work.

I would say 80 percent of the people on this forum use natural antifungals.

extra virgin or virgin coconut oil has been proven by lab tests to be just as strong as prescription diflucan/fluconazole. Actually stronger in some cases and the candida cannot get used to it either. It also is pretty much effective against all types of yeast. Diflucan actually will not work against some rare forms of yeast. Not to mention the long list of beneficial things coconut oil does besides being a great antifungal. Look up coconut oil miracle in google and you’ll see what I mean.

I wouldn’t be afraid of antifungals. I would just do everything in moderation. Start by reading the simple and safe cleanse by Able and then I would get on the anticandida diet and follow it as closely as you can for a week to two weeks. I guarantee you will start having die off just by eliminating all sugar and lowering your carb intake. That will also make the yeast more susceptible to dying when you do start your antifungals. When you do finally start the antifungals. Start with a very small amount. Like 1 teaspoon of VCO a day and gradually work up a teaspoon every 3 or 4 days as long as the die off isn’t severe.

You also should read the vitamin page by Able too.

Molybdenum will help protect your vital organs from toxins and ease the die off for you. Other things like milk thistle and high doses of vitamin c help as well.