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I agree with Raster, you need to stop drinking any commercial products such as Enshake. Kefir will help with you treatment, these commercial drinks will not.

Although they’re part of the protocol, you don’t need to take antifungals until you’ve reduced the population of Candida with the diet. The protocol contains products which will help to lessen the die-off effect on your body.

Would anyone be able to advise whether these look good products?…oupGuid=21#productAnchor…oupGuid=21#productAnchor…Guid=16860#productAnchor…Guid=16130#productAnchor….php?n=VegEPA&indi=2

The first supplement would cause vitamin deficiencies because of the ridiculously abnormal percentages of the B vitamins. Plus, it also contains iron which would benefit the Candida (the correct iron supplement is covered in our protocol).

The second supplement doesn’t contain enough strains of beneficial bacteria.

The third and fourth supplements are just more probiotics and there’s no sense in buying three different containers when you can get
what you need in one.

The last one contains starch which would feed the Candida, plus I have no idea why you would want to purchase the product, it wouldn’t do anything towards a beneficial treatment.

Did you read my other post? We’ve offered a protocol to you with supplements that have already been tested by many of us on the forum. Have you considered looking at the protocol and diet?

Have you taken time to read the testimonies?

Ive wondered can mold still be in your body from earlier exposure? How would I know if it was?

The ‘mold’ may not still be in your body, but it could have caused the Candida overgrowth which is still very much there.