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Hi! Welcome to the forum!

I second Javizys advice. You really need to read the Allowed Foods List and stick to that very carefully. If you’re doing a cleanse/ detox then you will be hungry for a week but once you start stage 1 of the diet there are plenty of things that you can fill up on. Coconut bread, coconut oil, buckwheat/ buckwheat bread, oatbran, kefir/ yoghurt, organic eggs, organic chicken, avocado, tinned & fresh fish… all fill you up if you eat regular meals (I eat 4 meals a day) and have 4 or 5 components to each meal.

If you go back through earlier posts you see people discussing their hunger and how they deal with it.

Stay away from the red meat & nuts/ seeds as Javizy says. They’ll only slow your progress.

Best of luck with it!