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lmm wrote: Hi, Rizian – do you have any reason to suspect that dental retainers cause candidiasis? I’ve read before that false teeth can cause oral thrush, but that’s a leap away from a systemic candida infection. But I’m interested in this because I have been using Invisaline for three years, and a retainer for 6 months.


Well, built up bacteria on dental retainers can cause harm to the body including candida overgrowth. I have had my retainer for about 12 years now, and you can see the build up of bacteria and plaque on it. I know this is a stretch but i’ve seen several specialists who have been unable to help my fairly serious health issues. And i know its definately not systemic candida, because that is life threatening and you’d definately be in the hospital if you had that.

I know that most medical doctors say that candida overgrowth isn’t a real diagnosis, but at this point i’m willing to try anything.