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Jennifer1616;51016 wrote: Also, I just read this about spores and now I’m freaked! Is this true?

“Candida is a fungus. When a fungus is threatened, it sends up spores, so that the species will survive after the “attack” (like an anti-candida diet). Once the “threat” is over (you’ve stopped the diet), then the spores (which are all over the body now) can grow again and once the overgrowth is there, symptoms will begin again, often with NEW symptoms because the spores have lodged elsewhere in the body. This is why people are often on candida diets for years and years- the spores keep the overgrowth coming back and it’s a vicious cycle. Once I realized this, it was a no-brainer on WHY these various things I’d tried didn’t work long-term.”

You should stop believing everything you read on the internet. I found where you got the quote. She is just trying to create fear in order to promote her own protocol/web site. C. Albicans is easily killed in the bloodstream, unless you have a seriously impaired immune system (have AIDS or are on chemo, for example).

If you want to learn about this illness, spend $7 on amazon and buy The Yeast Syndrome by Dr. Trowbridge, or spend $13 and buy The Missing Diagnosis by Dr. Truss. They spent decades treating people for candidiasis.