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raster;57583 wrote: I’ve used them throughout my treatment, but the safest ones are fatty acids such as SF722. So you can be on them for years! Ideally once the yeast is mostly defeated, you can taper off of them.



I appreciate your info.

What other fatty acids are there besides SF722?

In the 80s, I used to benefit from taking Twinlab MaxEPA emlusified fish oil for moods and skin, etc. For 10-20 years I have not been able to tolerate fish or flaxseed oil. If I take it, the eczema on my scalp gets immediately much worse. Can you tell me why?

I feel that I’m in the process of turning it around in the next 14 weeks.
I feel optimistic about SF 722 especially.

I’m supposed to take a fatty acid supplement that I think contains Borage and Fish oil later on in my therapy. I feel that I’m most likely deficient in Omega 3s, though I eat sardines once or twice a week. I wish I knew why fish oil upsets my eczema so fast. It’s got to be candida or other parasites that have yet to be controlled.