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Looks like you’ve been on the diet for about 12 weeks. The problem I see is the amount of animal protein you’re ingesting on a daily basis; this isn’t following the forum’s diet regardless of how much you think you are. In addition, in those 12 weeks you’ve gone off the diet three different times.

I don’t think you’ll find anyone on the forum who will tell you that basically three months is long enough to cure a Candida infestation. But here’s another problem with that, you don’t know for certain if you even had a Candida overgrowth or not; this is according to your own statement (I honestly feel like I have cured my infestation if I even had one in the first place).

So all I can tell you is this; IF you had an actual Candida albicans infestation on December 1, 2012, you’ve not treated it long enough to be cured.

If you’re having zero symptoms, maybe you never even had the infestation. This is especially a possibility since you took a five-day course of antibiotics and felt no symptoms afterwards; in fact, you stated that you even felt better.