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EDTA is a chelating agent which can remove both your benefical minerals and bad minerals in the body. Some candida overgrowths can be caused by heavy metal toxicity and I encourage you to figure this out via testing and not do a chelation protocol unless supervised by a professional. When you chelate and don’t do it properly, it can be quite dangerous and cause many problems and side effects.

Here is a link to the original biofilm protocol post and the supplements you will need to take to get better. This is one of the many methods to get better that have started to aggregate in another post.–Possible-protocol-for-a-faster-recovery.aspx

This protocol alone won’t heal all of your ailments and you likely will need a variety of other supplements for you own symptoms, this is why I recommend consulting naturopath because if you treat this for 1-2 years on your own it can be quite expensive and it can be detrimental to your health if done incorrectly.

The main thing I would focus on in your case first is healing your liver. Basically your liver relates to how well you feel and if you feel bad, then your liver is not doing so well.