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coconutcourt;59987 wrote:

Forum members often ask why one food is on the strict diet and why another one isn’t.

The easiest way to explain why a particular food is or is not on the diet is to tell you how the foods on this Candida diet were chosen. There are specific aspects that are necessary when choosing a safe Candida protocol and this includes the diet. So when you’re creating a list of foods for a Candida diet, you have to consider the factors that support the goal of the diet of which there are several.

A full explanation of how the strict diet was created is in the strict diet information. If you would like a copy of the diet, simply send a private message to me on the forum requesting the diet. Include a short explanation of your own infestation including its duration, symptoms, and any supplements you’re now taking.


Hi Able, I would love a copy of the diet. I’ve been having symptoms for the last year, starting with acne that eventually took over my entire face, shoulders, and back. I have stomach and chest pains if I eat anything with sugar, and I’ve recently been having ear infections and sinus infections. I cut out all fruit about a month ago, and have been feeling better, but need a bit of help with the final stretch. I have been rotating caprylic acid and oregano oil, as well as taking a probiotic–but now I’m wondering if I started that too soon. I don’t feel like I have too bad of die-off symptoms. I am a dental school student and need to get this figured out asap.

Thank you so much,

Here it is: