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First off, dont do anything that will make you lose more weight, thats only going to put you further further behind the eight ball on all fronts. Do what you can to put weight on and do not get too restrictive on carbs. Well balanced macronutrients, lots of micronutrients (ala veggies), and very low simple sugar & starchs is the goal. Unless you have a particular problem with something, the details arent going to kill you, not nearly as much as deprivation of anything will. Getting every little thing right according to the plan isnt likely to be the thing that is going to put you over the hump. Finding out what all the problems are FOR YOU and all the things that help YOU and acting accordingly will. Also, eating or supplementing with anything that you react to in an unhealthy way, such as a hypersensitivity, will only hurt you, no matter how important it is supposed to be on paper. The diet plan is good if your ultimate goal is nothing more than to starve yeast, and thus can be a good base to work from, but you have to make this work FOR YOU.

What are your hypersensitive symptoms and how does your typical day go as far as these symptoms?