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Truth_T3ller;58354 wrote: I mean if you have the funds, time and perseverance too then i could see it being possible, but that ridiculous diet is well…….. ridiculous for the average person, especially one who isnt doing so well financially. especially if they dont have the time. there has to be another way.
I would never be able to keep a diet like that not in the current position im in, even if i were, i would probably fall short either way because of my cravings……….. there has to be another reasonable way.

Can i not just take extra probiotics and anti-fungals(natural and prescribed) to get rid of it, while still eating the same foods, but i will limit those foods to a minimum if anything. I couldn’t see myself not eating some of those restricted foods at all……. but again i wouldnt be able to keep a diet like that, whether it be a month, a year or my whole life.

EDIT: Also I think SIBO(Small intestine bacteria overgrowth) and candidiasis are one in the same, one leads to the other basically. So i think I would aslo have to keep a SIBO diet, which is even more ridiculous.

Target the colon directly. An intestinal candidiasis growth more in the cecum and transverse colon than any other intestinal part. It is impossible to delivery any medicine to those intestinal parts if taken orally. You need to delivery the medicine where the infection is. You need to clean the intestines with water. When they be clean, to inject an antifungal solution that reaches the cecum. It is the only way to target where most of the infection is.
Doing it, you probably don’t need to adhere to a very strict diet.