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impossible;50545 wrote: If you are considering detoxing mercury, I wouldnt start it until well after you start methylating properly, and you might not even need to.

What to do address first between these two is probably the biggest question on my mind. Advice noted.

impossible;50545 wrote: And you are not going to tolerate dmsa or dmps very well because of their high sulfur content, could wind up worse off pretty easy. Play it safe with the diet at first, then when you’re well down the road add some cysteine/sulfur foods back in and see how it plays out.

I already have some DMPS in my possession that expires next March (I have about 2 months worth) so I will do at least some DMPS-only rounds before I do any methylation.

My current diet consists of (all organic) frozen chicken, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, lettuce, cayenne pepper, bone broth and tomatoes. I literally eat the same thing every day, haha. My most recent experiment was eliminating some cajun spices I had been using (containing garlic/onion powder = high sulfur/thiols). Since then I’ve watched my daily average temperatures rise, indicating better thyroid function, so I know I’m really sulfur sensitive.