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Thanks so much for all your work on this stuff, Impossible! I’m not sure I would’ve come across it otherwise.

I’m not sure either about the ALA. Previously I was taking 200 or 250mg 3x per day and found a lot of help in it. But I’m starting to wonder if my problems have been as much thiol-mercury caused as they are candida. I stopped taking ALA when my die-off stopped and slowly afterwards some symptoms returned while the candida seemed more or less stable. Eventually I connected it to thiol and mercury. My chelation symptoms and thiol sensitivity are very similar. I did one round, though I quit after a day because the dose was too high, at 1/4mg/lb of body weight. I did another three days at less than 1/2 that. I have had recurrent kidney pain since and I’m concerned about it. No indication of kidney problems (symptomatically or in tests) before.

I have this morning though found a filling in the very back of my mouth which I couldn’t see (I’d checked) and didn’t know about. My roommate happened to have a dentist mirror… So obviously I won’t be chelating until those are removed (and then starting with DMSA or DMPS). Given this new info, however, I wonder if my thiol sensitivity has been caused by further leaching that wasn’t being transported out by ALA after I started supplementing? I’m not sure.

High cysteine foods: Chicken and beef are fine, other than that there’s not a lot I can eat off that list because of either thiol or the candida diet.

Ok, I’ll go with the 23andme than. And boost my antioxidants. Though I’m going to keep parsing the methylation stuff for a bit yet before giving it a whirl.

I’d love a list of those doctors if you can manage getting one!

Thanks again for your help, Impossible!

Sounds like what I figured. Dont take any more ala or chelators unless you get that filling removed, and make sure you and your dentist go all out with the safety equipment/protocol if you do. If and when you decide to chelate again, read Andy Cutlers book. Its a must read if your going to enter chelation therapy.

Heavy metals are HARD on the kidneys, thats more than likely what the pain is, its a common symptom from people using too much of a chelating ubstance.

If you can tolerate high cysteine-low sulfur foods, that will help boost your glutathione levels, which is the bodys main antioxidant and detoxifier. When your body chelates metals with glutathione it excretes them through the colon instead of the kidneys, avoiding what your experiencing. Probably the safest way to clean the mess up your dealing with at this point. B6 and mag can help shuttle this process along, cysteine is considered the rate limiting substance in glutathione production and those two help convert homocysteine into cysteine. Magnesium glycinate is well absorbed and would also give you the another one of the amino acid precursors of glutathione. A little charcoal, pectin or bentonite for a few weeks would help soak things up and could possibly help the symptoms. Just make sure to keep things moving along if ya know what I mean. And pound those antioxidants. CoQ10 and phosphatidylcholine would also be a REALLY good idea to protect the cells and mitochondria.