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I was actually going to link to those videos. I still think a simple written dialogue on here would be beneficial, im about halfway done. I glanced through that other q/a and theres some good stuff in there, but its not 100% complete as far as things like possible effects of toying with the cycle and seems to be directed more towards cfs, but still a must read imo.

yisucks;50381 wrote: i did some reading on it…very interesting!

think 23andme is a good enough test? Not sure if MTHFR is related, but it says they dont test the full gene, but 60 SNPs ON the gene. Is that what you were talking about? I’m interested for $100 but prob not $500. Also, wheres your dr at?

If you think this applies to you and thats all you can do, then go for it. I’ve just heard that there have been discrepancies sometimes when the same persons dna is run through a better lab. Im going to see if there is a good lab that tests all the neccessary snp’s for a more mid range price that would be available to us. If anybody else wants to, feel free, I’ve definately got my hands full at the moment. Im sure insurance would cover some of the physiological testing, but I’ve never heard of them covering the genetic test before. My doctor is in Ann Arbor, MI.

As far as it being a “cure”, I herxed and my symptoms disappeared over the course of a couple days. I probably ate 4000 grams of sugar and pounds of starchy vege’s and chips over the course of a month (fruit became my main source of calories because its easy to digest and bothered my stomach less) didnt have one symptom or sign of an infection with the exception of that 5 minute episode after eating the grapes. Like I said, the fact that it happened that fast, considering the state that my gut was in and my sensitivities probably wasnt the best thing. But hey, I ate 4000 grams of sugar in a month with no symptoms. 3 of those weeks I took or used nothing but topical hydrocortisone (for adrenal fatigue, which btw, is the way to supplement cortisone if you have a gut infection imo). It came back because I started a drug that turns off the immune system in a way, sort of like taking cortisone does. Had I say started that drug a couple years later, it might not have come back as bad or at all. But its still not that bad compared to before. Once I get my gut pieced together and I can wind my immune system back up, I will. Or if I feel ballsy modify if the protocol in such a way that might help the sensitivities and still allow me to get the cycle up and running properly.