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wol1;50466 wrote: Sorry if this is already answered but is there any way I can test for these problems, mercury poisoning etc?

The best way to test for mercury is through a hair elements analysis. Doctor’s Data has a test that you can order online through a different company without any doctor ordering the test for you. Here’s the link for that:

You then send in them some clippings of your hair and get the results back a month later. In the case of testing for mercury toxicity it is not so easy to just look at the levels of mercury in your hair and decide if you are toxic or not based on that alone. Instead, you have to look for what’s called “deranged mineral transport” which is caused by mercury toxicity. In order to determine whether or not your mineral transport is deranged, Andy Cutler has developed what he calls the “counting rules.”

In case you have not heard of Cutler, he is pretty much the leading expert in mercury issues and detoxification. His book Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities goes into detail about the counting rules and it really is an invaluable resource if you are mercury toxic and I highly recommend it if that is the case. Basically, according to Cutler, if you meet one of the counting rules there is over a 95% chance that you are mercury toxic.

Here’s a link which describes the counting rules in detail: