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So I wanted to post some information after talking to my naturopath. I wasn’t able to talk to him at length about methylation cycles but it is something he is very aware of and treats regularly. He only looks at the parts of the methylation cycle mostly because those are the end products of each cycle (I guess the methylation cycle has 3 interlated cycles). He stated that if you for instance used vitamin b12 and another supplement for one cycle, it’d help normalize it. Then for another cycle if you used glutathione, then it would normalize this cycle. And he used a homeopathic remedy for a different cycle.

The way he looks at methylation cycles is its more important to address other things first when treating health problems. For instance, if you are quite ill with an immune disorder caused by poor digestion, etc. then you need to address the digestive problems first. Then its important to detox the body and heal the liver, etc. afterwards.

Then you can start digging into deeper problems such as methylation cycles, heavy metals, pH, and other issues.

He also stated that disturbances in the cycle can be caused by the consumption of gluten and caseine (which is in milk). When this occurs, this is when you get auto-immune disorders. So if you avoid these two food items, this by itself will improve the cycle and make it function better. This is likely why many of us are ill with this in the first place…the dirty hybridized wheat and overconsumption of tainted milk.

I will post some more info next time I meet with him in 2 weeks but it sounds like its easily treatable and widely acknowledged in the alternative medicine field.

Yisucks: If you see this post, I would talk to bernie about this at your next appointment if you are still going to him.

I also wanted to state on my naturopath’s behalf that methylation cycles won’t necessarily cure candida overgrowth by itself. If you feel cured from the methylation cycle normalizing, he feels that this is a completely separate health problem/issue.