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I use milk keifer grains and coconut milk. I got my grains from cultures for health. There is a video to watch. very helpful. It only takes a couple minutes daily to do this. When I got my grains- I put them in a jar or glass. I put about 2 inches of organic whole milk i the jar. I covered the jar with a coffee filter. I didn’t have a rubberband so I tied some yarn around the top. I put them in a room to ferment. 24 hrs the next day I strained them and put them in a clean jar and another 2″ of milk. I did this for 3 days. day 1,2 and 3 I discarded the milk. On the fourth day I added coconut milk. I added the whole can. You can use less depending on how much you plan to drink. I followed the same procedure for staining and putting the grains in a clean jar. The keifer stays for a week in the refrig.The keifer needs to be fed with whole milk once about every 10 days.I do this for 1 day and then go back to the coconut milk. It’s simpler than It seems. I felt the same way when I initially heard the procedure. Cultures for Health don’t mind phone calls. They are very nice. I add a heaping ta blespoon of keifer to my eggs when I make scrambled eggs. It makes them fluffy a nd they are more filling to me. In about 2 months time my grains had grown so that I had grains to give to my sister. She loves the keifer and can’t imagine a day without it. Good luck and enjoy! Miriam