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benc wrote:
your protein, fats & carbs. I’m a strong believer that everyone responds differently, so working out what works best for you is key. I tend to work well on high protein, high fat, low carbs. I often carb cycle, if I feel to low in energy. Some people struggle badly with low carbs

Thank you so much benc for explaining it.

I used to do very well on a protein/vegetable diet with little carbs in the morning (whole grain cereal without added sugar etc.), but now it seems that I don’t do well on eggs alone (no meat) and low carb. Looks like I am missing the starch portion of the diet I had for years. Also, I don’t seem to tolerate meat any more, obviously due to ammonia. I eat it and love it, but next day I feel like crap so I gave up. I have trouble adding fat because avocado is very hard to get by here (and costs about 3 euros a piece), olive oil has almost no fat (or I don’t feel it), can’t do coconut oil yet as I am still reacting to lower doses of weaker antifungals, and only other option I have is butter. I tolerate butter well, but must be careful as it could feed candida if overdone. I do fatty fish once per week and that doesn’t seem to be enough.

It’s not easy, didn’t really expect it to be. I am patiently waiting for little longer until I can at least add some of the good starches such as dried beans. I think that things will improve for me greatly at that point.

Thanks again for a crash course in nutrition 🙂