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Unfortunately, I was also a party type person, but guess what, when you get old its not as fun anymore. Especially when you look at the people who are doing the partying and realize that they are as empty as the tin can they are drinking.

One thing that might make you feel empowered about candida is to educate yourself more about it. A good way to start is by listening to some dr. mcoombs:

Did you know that candida has been more studied than cancer? There are over 50,000 studies on candida which is about one study per day over the last 50-60 years, so its been something that the medical community has looked at repeatedly.

Parasites exist in every human so who cares what these websites say. There are parasites in chicken, vegetables, fruit, etc. Just do some research about it, look at the pictures if you want to.

You’ll be able to drink beer and coffee in time but keep in mind that all indulgences have drawbacks. How would you like a damaged liver instead of candida? How would you like to suffer from seizures everytime you drink alcohol like raster? You have to look things more positively, atleast you are not in a wheelchair on the street begging for money.