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Hi Lithia,

I do not try to explain to my friends, because they will not understand. I only tell them that I have a, A Gut Flora Imbalance. So I have to eat special diets and no sugar and fruits for now. They are so amaze, they say what do you eat then. I say well, I am still alive don’t I. The word Candida will make them run a mile. One of my friends came to see me.
We meet at the shopping centre. I told her I have to get some buckwheat flour chicory, coffee, and a few more things, when I finish shopping to my surprise she also bought buckwheat flour, chicory coffee. She ask me how do I use it. There is nothing wrong with her so she should not need these things. May she think, that she is protecting her self.

I was on a Road, it was dark, cold, gloomy and painful to walk, there was not any lights there. I was the only one on that road. So I thought. The road did not even have a name. There was a enemy there as well. I did not know if the enemy was a male or female or it’s name.

When one day I got unto another road. On this road there was other people, they have names, which I cannot remember but I call them MY FRIENDS. When we meet, we talk about our journey and chair each other on. Our journey is the same we have similar experiences. We have pain, but we know why. I found out the name of that enemy YES IT IS CANDIDA. But we are all on a new road. And this road have a name. Yes it is the to recovery. So I name this road RECOVERY RD. There are self restriction on this road, if we want to get to the end of Recovery Rd. we must have self control in what we eat. On the other road that I left, everyone do as they please. I am determining to get to the end of RECOVERY ROAD. Yes the enemy is this on this word but we must fight it with all our WILL POWER.