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Tulip wrote: I’ve heard that because there is fluoride in tap water,we don’t need it our toothpaste.However I live where is no naturally occurring fluoride in the water and I use toothpaste with it.Should I not? My teeth are a lot healthier after using fluoride.I also brush with baking soda to whiten.Years of cavities from too much fruit,honey,chocolate,without adequate brushing and no flossing.Boy am I ever catching up!

If you want good teeth you want good saliva and mineral metabolism. These things play much more of a role than how much sugar you eat. Fluoride is like a band-aid for these deficiencies, with side-effects that reach far beyond the mouth.

One of the reasons milk is – or was when cows didn’t eat junk food – so good for teeth is because it contains vitamins A, D and K2, which are all vital for proper calcium metabolism. I’d wager the reason a recent study showed calcium supplementation was giving women heart attacks is because they were lacking these vitamins. Like I said, the quality of dairy has declined horribly, and low-fat dogma means people aren’t even absorbing what little goodness remains (ADK = fat soluble). D deficiency is recognised as epidemic and K2 is hard to get through diet. Without the necessary cofactors, calcium hardens the arteries and causes damage throughout the body; with them it massively improves health and gives you great teeth.

Check out this post complete with x-rays showing reversal of cavities if you’re interested in some visual demonstration of the dental awesomeness of the ADK connection Click the ‘dental health’ category at the bottom of the post for more of the same.

Milk also contains lactoferrin, which acts to break down plaque. Healthy saliva naturally contains this as well as secretory IgA, which helps to kill bacteria. So if you resolve reasons behind dry mouth and poor calcium metabolism, you can indulge in the occasional bit of honey and fruit without worrying your dentist 😉