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thank you Jorge. glad to hear you are feeling better too, and that it is lasting. I did 5 to 10 enemas with Nystatin. I got a lot of yeast out. But stopped to give the Nystatin a chance – and after a while it started to be effective in the colon. It happened when I upped my dose from 1.5 to 3m, and sometimes I took more than 3m. I’ve been on Nystatin for almost a year now, 6 months with the 3m/day. And some coconut oil and SF722 on occasion – until my kidneys started hurting, then I would stop, and start up again when they felt better. I can tell the candida is out of my GI tract. Even if I eat a lot of carbs it doesn’t seem to come back. However, I think it has moved to another part of the body, and my tongue gets coated/headache/stuffiness if I eat too many carbs. I wonder if it will go away eventually if I continue on the diet – or if this will be a way of life for me. When it was in my gut I didn’t have these issues. I’m still taking Nystatin. I have another month of powder left. Unfortunately I react badly to S Boulardii so I’ll only have the good yeast from water kefir to keep it in check. Is SB still working for you?