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Floggi;43186 wrote:

So I’ve had problems with candida for a long time now (about 6 years) and I’ve learnt to get it under control for the most part but obviously, I still get flare ups now and then. I’ve found it difficult trying to explain it to my boyfriend of almost 2 years. He’s very skeptical of alternative/herbal medicine and doesn’t seem to understand why I don’t go see a regular doctor instead of a naturopath when I’m feeling sick because of the candida.
I’ve shown him all the research and info about it online but he just says stuff like ‘you shouldn’t believe everything you read online’. He doesn’t deny that its a problem and that it genuinely does make me sick, he just thinks that herbal remedies aren’t the answer and I should go see a ‘real’ doctor. How can I explain it to him so that he understands why seeing a naturopath and changing my diet is the only way that will help me? I just want him to understand and be supportive. Having that emotional support is so important when I start feeling down and unwell because of a candida flare up and I just want to be able to vent to him without him being so negative about it.

Have you considered the following?

Boyfriend; wrote: So my girlfriend has had medical problems for a long time now (about 6 years) and she’s been reading unscientific websites of all sorts. She tries different things but of course that doesn’t really help her. I’ve found it difficult trying to explain to her that naturopaths have never been able to even show that their “cures” are any better than a placebo treatment. I’ve told her over and over again how important it is to only use evidence-based medicine instead of all those experimental thingies. How can I explain to her that finding the real cause of her problems (which are for real, that’s for sure) will help her more than being trapped in one of the many made-up semi-explanations you can find on the Internet? I just want my dear girlfriend to be cured and to be healthy again. Freeing her of her needless agony is so important to me! I just want to be able to vent to her without her being so negative about it.

He might actually have asked this very thing on a different forum…

avocardo;43185 wrote: Hes not doubting that its a real condition, he just doesn’t understand that medical doctors don’t really know much about it and he doesn’t believe in herbs and alternative medicine.
But yeah thats a good idea, maybe I’ll show him some books about it.

Here’s what he might have written somewhere else:

Boyfriend; wrote: She’s not doubting that she’s ill, she just doesn’t understand that naturopaths use unproven methods that might just happen to work in some cases, but do nothing more than a placebo treatment in most other cases. But yeah, maybe I really should give her some books that explain how evidence-based medicine works, and why naturopath treatments do sometimes work (in cases which are also accepted by medicine) but most of the time do not work.

It all boils down to the following question?
– Would you accept his reasoning as I paraphrased it here?
– If you would not accept his reasoning, then how can you ever expect him to accept your reasoning?

I absolutely see your point, and I get that he’s trying to look out for me and wants me to be healthy but why can’t he just respect my decision on how I go about treating my body? I’ve used natural supplements and probiotics along with diet changes before and its worked, I was able to keep it under control for 2+ years but its just recently that its been flaring up quite a bit and thats because of a lack of discipline on my part.