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Hello, J, welcome to the forum.

– If I cannot find molybdenum, do I really need to get molybdenum or can I do without it? is there a substitute for this?

Yes you need it, otherwise you’ll likely be very ill. Where do you live? I’ll try to help you find it.

– If the Swedish bitters liquid form and the milk thistle liquid form has alcohol (4% alcohol), are they okay to use?

You should take milk thistle in powder form which can be found in capsules. Swedish bitters should be used as a liquid and can be found in the alcohol-free form. This is why only “Swedish” bitters are named and not other brands.

-Is it okay to just use one enzyme (either the milk thistle or swedish digestive bitters) while on the cleanse?

Neither of these are enzymes. Milk thistle is an herb used to protect and heal the liver because of the die-off as well as the living Candida toxins, and digestive bitters is used to stimulate the production of natural enzymes and to flush the liver of toxins, but they are not enzymes.

Would this have any adverse effects on my body if i chose to just use one enzyme while on the cleanse?

You’ll receive all the beneficial natural enzymes and at the same time avoid synthetic enzymes by using the digestive bitters. You should use this throughout the entire treatment, not just during the cleanse. Again, if you intend to take only one of these, take the Swedish Digestive Bitters.

-On the site, I read about the Swedish digestive bitters: ‘No matter what you read from here on out, you will not need to purchase additional enzymes as long as you use the Bitters.’ Does this mean that all I need is the Swedish digestive bitters (no need for the molybdenum or the milk thistle)?

No, that’s not what I typed. Each of these does specific jobs in specific ways. Leave out the milk thistle if you have to avoid one.

-How many times a day (and when/which time) should I drink the daily detox drink?

Up to three if possible.

-How many times a day should I drink the liver flush drink?

Two or three if possible. Keep in mind that once is better than none.

-Is there a difference between sodium bentonite clay powder and calcium bentonite powder?

Yes, and you should use sodium-bentonite powder as stated on our cleanse page.

Is the sodium bentonite powder also known as the swelling bentonite powder

Yes, because it covers a larger area and absorbs quicker and better.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, advice, or comments anyone may have.

My only suggestion is to read the protocol and the links it contains even if you’ve already done so. The link is shown below in my signature area.