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For me ringing in the ears gets worst as your blood pressure increases. A hot bath increases your blood pressure,expands your nerves and might cause the ringing to get louder. One of the causes of ringing in the ears can be caused from candida’s metabolites(especially acetaldehyde)– creating nerve damage. I found excess salt, caffeine, die-off, excess heat, which can all cause blood pressure to rise— can make the ringing in the ears get louder. Most of the time ringing in the ears is due to nerve damage.

I found hibiscus tea(which lowers blood pressure) to do a pretty good job at decreasing the level of ringing in the ears. But you don’t want your blood pressure to get to low then you can feel lethargic. I’ll never forget the very first day my ears started to ring. It was soon after I had a glass of green tea and honey.