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shayfo;33294 wrote: i’m sure you checked, but be careful when buying toasted sesame chili oil. a lot of it is cut with canola oil or corn oil to keep it cheap, and those aren’t allowed on phase 1 of the diet. also, soba noodles often contain wheat flour in addition to buckwheat flour, so it’s worth reading the label to make sure it’s pure buckwheat.

that sounds super delicious though 🙂 i’ve been making a bunch of food with toasted sesame oil lately, so good.

They would have to list it on the ingredients though, right? I Unless the canola is laced (hope not) it only has 2 ingredients. It’s a product of Japan. I know what you mean on the buckwheat noodles.. had to splurge on the $8 pure buckwheat. Was worth it 🙂