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Boiling the food we eat will destroy both good and bad bacteria in the food itself, but Thomas is correct about swallowing hot foods in that we do not eat the food when it is still at the boiling temperature, but rather allow it to cool before eating, so because of this the heat cannot destroy the bacteria already in our system unless it contains antibacterial properties. But as you see, most of the beneficial bacteria in the food are already destroyed before it reaches our intestines if the food is boiled.

However, there are lots of foods which we all eat that are shown to contain properties which destroy bacteria. One has to assume that, when it comes to a food property that destroys bacteria, just as with an antibiotic, there is no difference between beneficial and harmful bacteria.

The strongest foods which contain these properties are garlic, onions, oregano, allspice, cumin, hot peppers, thyme, tarragon, ginger, anise seed, white and black pepper, and lemon and lime juice. These are listed according to the strength of the food’s ability to destroy bacteria, strongest to weakest. Hot peppers are in the middle of the list because they contain an average amount of the substance which destroys bacteria based on the amounts in the other foods.

But there’s a very positive attribute which we also have to consider; that is certain foods, including hot peppers also have the ability to destroy many different fungal strains which includes Candida albicans.

When looking at foods and the properties they contain, we should also account for the fact that sugar and carbohydrates are foods which feed the harmful bacteria, but the beneficial bacteria cannot live on sugar or other simple carbohydrates. Having a diet filled with simple carbs everyday would eventually lead to an imbalance of bacteria in the intestines, which as you guessed, can lead to many illnesses including a Candida infestation.

All of the above information is just one more reason why everyone, whether suffering from Candida or not, should have some form of beneficial bacteria every day. These could be in the form of a good quality probiotic supplement, and/or kefir, and organic Greek yogurt. As you can imagine, we also need lots of foods which will feed the beneficial bacteria such as fibers from green vegetables and other prebiotics.