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Hi Raster

Im not sure if you’ve mistaken me for someone else, but I don’t do ANY muscle building exercise. I’m reduced to gentle evening strolls at the moment. Perhaps I miscommunicated.

As regards to acupuncture: yes absolutely this helps. I was meant to see my acupuncturist that evening but i was in hospital instead. I think perhaps i was just overwhelmed as i have recently/still have a glandular fever type infection, i was overworked, and obviously die off must have hit me big. I think anxiety probably played a role tok as i was isolated and far from home.

Its just a big effort at the moment. I need to keep on trucking. Prior to this i had had some really good energetic days with low stress and anxiety. I think i might take it easy on any antifungals for the time being, though. Perhaps wait until im a bit physically more capable to withstand detoxification. What do you think?