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cpaoli17;54946 wrote: So I’m pretty new to the Candida diet but have been doing the Paleo diet for almost 4 months with good success as far as digestion/gas/bloating. I’ve not been diagnosed by a dr or had blood work done, but I have all the major symptoms on Candida and believe that’s what I’m struggling with. Recently I started taking a coconut kefir probiotic and have been eating a lot of garlic and coconut oil and was wondering if that could be possibly being caused by sinus allergies, sluggishness and brain fog. It’s been so bad the past few days that I finally had to take an antihistamine. I mean, it’s like I have a horrendous sinus cold. ugh! this sucks! Please help!

You recently started taking probiotics and antifungals, which cause the brain fog/die off.

I might add that Dr Morse would say that it sounds like you are moving your lymph through diet, garlic moves it too, and any time you move lymph that has been stagnant (swollen lymph nodes, headaches in the back of your head,acne,ect) its common to have flu-like symptoms.
He says when you suddenly start getting congested and/or snotty, celebrate! Your moving your lymph!
Here are a few sites that talk about lymphatic drainage, but I dont subscribe to the sites…I just liked the descriptions.

To understand the lymph system better, I DO subscribe to Dr Morse and watch his vids 🙂