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cpaoli17;55021 wrote: So I forgot to mention something the day before yesterday. I also didn’t use my body brush and I didn’t think that would have anything to do with my feeling better. Then last night, I used by brush and that night and today, my allergies are back. Not quite as bad, but noticeable. Is using that brush really activating my lymph like I think it is? If I continue to use it, will the allergic reaction eventually go away?

I cant say whether or not the allergic reaction will go away, but moving your lymph is one of the most quality-of-life saving things we can do.

The lymph system is the sewer-system of the body. It carries all the cellular waste to the kidneys to be filtered.

If your kidneys are not filtering so great, the waste backs up. If the lymph is congested, it will eventually harden up, and that takes longer to remedy, so we want to avoid that.

My personal suggestion is to consider that you might have some acidosis going on.
99% of sick people do.
Its caused by diet and stress, so its not uncommon and can be fixed.

I wouldnt continue brushing unless you implement your diet with some kidney-supporting teas/tinctures. Do some detox teas that say they are for kidneys and liver,
then go back to brushing a week from then.

Thats what Id do 🙂 <3