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The alcohol makes the homeopathics remain potent, so it isn’t too much of a problem; your body should be able to get over any negative effects of the alcohol.

However, I am wondering what PC 141d is prescribed for?

I did a search for it and nothing came up.

I am taking quite a few homeopathics but they are for different purposes. For instance, I used to take liquid enzyme liquescence for healing leaky gut, and currently take some UNDA homeopathics for my liver, and demineralization problems. I take one called melange, another called silicia, and Unda #’s 243, 1, and 20 for my liver. I also take one called nux vomica for “when I cheat” which is pretty rare. Juniperus communis is good for die-off and protecting the liver/kidneys. Most of these contain alcohol or ethanol.